Shipping Information

1. How is the furniture delivered?

Orders outside of Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay areas are shipped via FedEx Freight. For in-stock items, shipments are processed and leave our warehouse within one week. Transit time is 3-10 business days, depending on your location. West Coast shipments are generally delivered within 3-4 business days after shipping, and East Coast shipments are usually delivered within 7-10 business days after shipping. That said, we cannot guarantee delivery inside a specific time frame - weather, delays and other variables make timing unpredictable. Please contact us for any additional questions.

2. How much is shipping?

Shipping varies depending on the product ordered. For sectionals, the cost is is $95-$150 per set, depending on your location, level of service, and number of items ordered. For all other products, the shipping cost varies.

3. Is there any assembly needed?

Our furniture comes ready to use right out of the box on delivery. Each piece is individually built, with the frames made of hand-welded powder-coated aluminum. Most of the Fermob furniture also requires no assembly, please see product descriptions for details. 

4. Can I modify a set or built my own set?

We can make certain modifications to sets depending on your needs. We can also create a custom set based on your specific needs. Please contact us so that we may assist you and get you accurate pricing.